Our Features

Explore our features and take a glimpse of what we can offer you with Loceye's platform.

Experiment Builder

You can drag and drop elements in order to create a flow for your experiment. This will help you customize the experiment and gather all the information you need in order to take the design decision.


If you can’t find participants for your experiment, we can help you. You can remotely recruit participants with reliability measurements, in order to give you the best possible results, but also chose your desired demographics. Scaling your experiment will not be an issue with us.

Heat Map

Heat Map shows what percentage of people interacted with different parts of a design. The most viewed parts of the page are displayed with dark red and less viewed parts displayed with yellow.

Gaze Plot

Gaze Plots show where and how much time spent the participant’s eyes across your designs or your website. Bigger circles indicate that participant's eyes spent more time at the certain area of your designs.

Gaze Replay

Gaze Replay is a video that shows the exact route participant’s eyes covered across your design/website. The radius that is visible is calculated with respect to the accuracy of the experiment.


We provide you one-click Reporting of your experiments. Inside the reporting folder you will get the visualizations alongside an Excel with a basic reporting, Raw data and a PDF with instructions.