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and see how Loceye makes Eye Tracking studies a valueable insight for your business desicions.
  • Gaze Replays

    With Gaze Replays we can understand and see what exactly our users are seeing when they interact with our products and our designs.

    Then we can come to a conclusion if they are watching the ads (admit it they don't click them πŸ™ˆ) or if they struggle to find a Call to Action button.
    Ref link: Guardian

  • Heatmaps

    With a small number of participants (Nβ‰ˆ40) we can have a fair representation of the points of interest inside our designs and our Ads.
    Ref link: Nielsen Norman

  • Gaze Plots

    Here we can see a static image of how the user's eyes rolled in our designs or in our web app.

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Remote Participants

You have a problem on finding and recruiting participants for your studies? We got you. We offer remote recruiting, with reliability measures in order to give you the best possible results. You can find here our current pool demographics.

Pay as you go

With no hardware and place limitation we can drop down the costs in order to conduct an Eye Tracking study to the dramatically.

Rapid results

Our scale is global. You results are local, and fast to get. As long as you upload your designs on our platform, we immidiately recruit the participants and try to serve you the results in less than a few hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How eye tracking works

    We ask to the participants of the survey to open their web camera. After that we are displaying them 16 unique points in the screen in order to help us understand and predict where they will look after those points. Then the images are uploaded to our server, analyzed, gives us the valuable information and discarted after that.
    Take a look at this short demonstration

  • How precise are the outputs

    We are displaying a screen after the survey with 2 points in order to evaluate our results. If the accuracy is high enough we keep them or else we search immidiately for another participant in order to be unbiased.

  • Can I trust the remote participants

    We take good care of this as we developed evaluation system for measuring and reward trusted remote users.