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with eye tracking
analysis™ .

Eye tracking research has never been so effective

A cloud service helping UX designers and marketers to run eye tracking experiments with remote participants on any device with a webcam - and get instant results


Remote experiments

Run your experiments with an unlimited number of remote users. No limits to test size. Run your tests with as many participants as you like. A larger number of participants translates to much more reliable insights.



There is no equipment to purchase and maintain. Run as many experiments you need, when you need them. Eye-tracking with reliability and speed at a fraction of the cost.


Rapid results

Test much faster. Have thousands of testers take part in an eye-tracking analysis in parallel and have your results collected, analysed and presented instantly.

How it works


Upload your prototype

Upload your project. It can be a mockup or a live website.


Invite your participants

Perform the experiment by directly sending a unique link to your participants.


Algorithm works

Our algorithm will process the input to polish the results.


Get your report

Get detailed visual reports like gaze plots, gaze replays and heatmaps.

Our visualizations

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