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Upload your Designs

Upload your digital assets onto the Loceye platform where they will be stored safely in the cloud. Import from any tool via PNG/JPG

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Remote Recruiting

Stop worrying about recruiting. Loceye will share your content with real people we have recruited for your experiment based on your requested demographics.

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Instant Results

Get your results in less than a day. We generate a custom report with Heat Maps and more visualisations, to enrich your presentation and validate your design assumptions.

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A user-friendly platform to accurately measure Visual Engagement

Loceye is a biometric eye tracking platform, which enables your team to design with confidence, optimize digital assets like website content, images, emails, ad creatives, videos, and more to help you achieve the highest visual and emotional impact.

Valuable, Fast and Accurate Data

We encourage marketers, agencies, market researchers, web designers, UX experts and other teams engaged in media creation to get real world, pre-launch feedback about how users see and engage with their content.

Data Driven Design Decisions (4D)

We provide the proper data outcomes in order to eliminate guesswork and help you unlock Data Driven Design Decisions.Measure the visual engagement, understand the attention spots, make decisions that will increase the ROI, conversion rates and optimize the experience of your users.

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