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How It Works

Select the media type

We optimise your Eye Tracking's settings based on the type of experiment you want to conduct. The four predefined types you can choose from are Packages, Prints, Websites and Creatives.

Upload your media

Upload any media you want from your computer. We support all of the popular formats like png, jpeg and webp.

Structure the experiment flow

You can customise your Eye Tracking experiment by including additional questions. By doing so, you can get instant survey-like data without the need of an external survey tool.

Define the Areas of Interest

Eye Tracking, by default, gives profoundly insightful data for your experiments. By defining Areas of Interest, you will be able to get a quantitative and focused breakdown of the Eye Tracking data, helping you make data-driven decisions easier.

Specify your audience

We have been there. The hardest thing when we are conducting marketing or product research is recruiting. We got your back, and we can help you recruit people from our own remote panel. Just specify your desired demographics and let us do the hard work.

Ready to Get Started?

To learn how Loceye can improve your design process and increase conversion arrange to speak to one of our experts or just login and try our platform.

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